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VARGUS Solutions for the Medical Industry

In keeping with the demands for mass production and special tooling for the medical industry, VARGUS provides an encompassing range of solutions for the precise and detailed applications commonly used world-wide in this rapidly growing industry.
Whether it be the manufacturing of miniature dental implants, bone screws, bone plates, tulip heads, or other exact medical components, VARDEX and GROOVEX precision tools provide you with the excellent VARGUS quality so well known in the metal-cutting industry. Tailor-made tools are available on request with the added advantage of the VARGUS expertise and knowledge of more than 60 years.

Materials and Grades

Biocompatible Titanium and Stainless Steel are the most common materials used in the medical industry.
With the VARGUS knowledge and experience, our skillful engineers developed advanced grades highly suitable for the strict requirements of medical applications.



Dental implants are increasingly used around the globe by dental surgeons.
VARGUS products are designed for superior performance on the most popular materials used in the medical industry, including Titanium, Stainless Steel and others.
Custom-made threads for your specific applications are available on request, and manufactured according to the high-quality Vargus standards.




Bone screws are one of the most popular medical components. With countless shapes, profiles, and lengths, the demand for fast machining of these parts is an absolute necessity. The new VARGUS tools for Swiss Type machines, including Whirling and ALCS tools, complete a comprehensive range of solutions for efficient and exact machining.



Tulip heads are crucial parts used for supportive fixation of damaged bones and spines.
The VARGUS grades are engineered to give the best results on materials such as TiAl6V4 or Stainless Steel 316 and other similar elements.
The wide range of VARGUS solutions guarantees to find the most suitable tool for your requirements.



Bone plates are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the diverse types of bones in our body. As each bone plate may consist of several taper threads, it is important to machine them in an extremely accurate and efficient way. The thread’s taper is typically 20 degrees and has two starts. Using the VARGUS taper tools, we complete the application in one pass.

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