MACH Line Wins German Innovation Award


Berlin, Germany (May 15, 2024) - VARGUS Ltd. wins the German Innovation Award 2024. We are excited to announce that VARGUS has been recognized for its revolutionary MACH Line for Thread Turning and Thread Milling in the Machines & Engineering category. The award recognizes Vargus' pioneering threading and milling tool solutions for driving transformative productivity gains and quality improvements across metalworking industries.

The German Innovation Awards honor exceptional products, projects and pioneering achievements that sustainably improve life through innovation and progress. An independent jury selected Vargus' innovations from over 600 entries based on criteria like breakthrough thinking, economic success, and technical functionality with this decision:

“In addition to an improved thread profile and a reinforced geometry, the MACH TT threading tools also offer greater wear resistance, which drastically reduces the number of passes. With the MACH TT, productivity is maximized, machining time is reduced and tool life is extremely extended! The advantages of the MACH TM thread milling tools are the high feed rates per cutting edge, which significantly reduce the machining time and therefore greatly increase productivity. This reduces the machining time and thus increases the tool life by 50 % compared to conventional tools.”

Our appreciation and congratulations are extended to the entire teams at VARGUS Ltd., and VARGUS Deutschland GmbH for their relentless efforts in bringing these revolutionary products to market. Mr. Andreas Jäppche, the CEO/GF of Vargus Deutschland GmbH was present at the ceremony to accept the golden trophy award.

"We are incredibly honored to receive this distinguished award from the German Innovation Awards," said Mr. Baruch Books, VP of Sales & Marketing at Vargus Ltd. "This prestigious recognition validates our decades-long commitment to developing cutting-edge tooling solutions and advancing to a new standard of threading technology.  We are proud that we enable our customers to achieve higher levels of manufacturing productivity, quality, and profitability."

A key innovation recognized is Vargus' MACH TT line of high-performance threading tools. "In addition to an improved thread profile and reinforced geometry, the MACH TT threading tools offer greater wear resistance, which drastically reduces the number of required passes," explained Books. "With MACH TT, productivity is maximized, machining time is cut significantly, and tool life is extremely extended."

The award also highlights Vargus' MACH TM thread milling tools, unlocking high feed rates per cutting edge to reduce machining times by up to 50% compared to conventional solutions. "This revolutionary increase in productivity directly translates to maximizing tool life and driving unprecedented cost-efficiencies for our customers," said Books.

Since their recent introductions, the MACH cutting-edge tool lines have enabled leading manufacturers across automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and other metal-cutting sectors to achieve dramatic productivity gains, quality improvements, and cost reductions.

Vargus Ltd. is a world-leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-quality, precision cutting and finishing tools for the metalworking and plastics industries. Vargus has been at the forefront of tooling innovation for over 60 years, pioneering breakthrough solutions like the first triangular laydown threading insert, the first indexable thread milling system, and the original hand-deburring system.

Established in 1960, Vargus Ltd. is the tooling division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, a multinational organization consisting of 31 companies worldwide. The group is one of Europe's largest privately owned manufacturers and distributors of industrial stainless steel products, flow equipment and metal cutting tools.

"The NEUMO Ehrenberg Group is dedicated to turning innovative ideas into leading products that increase productivity, quality and profitability for our customers," added Books. "This prestigious German Innovation Award recognizes our team's passion for developing truly pioneering tooling technologies that create immense value for manufacturers around the globe."

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