VARGUS GENius Software

Introducing the world's most intelligent tool selector and CNC program generator.
The VARGUS GENius™ offers the most popular and advanced thread turning, thread milling, whirling, and tapping software on the market today, featuring VARDEX's threading applications.

Introducing the New VT10 Grade

Oil & Gas

Advanced threading and general machining solutions for the oil and gas industry, now include specialized solutions for tough and challenging applications.


Medical & Miniature

Leading threading and creative grooving and turning solutions in difficult to machine and delicate applications for the miniature, medical and dental industries.

Gear Milling

Innovative solution for the gear milling industry, offering a competitive alternative to the traditional Hob system. Gear manufacturers can now mill external splines, external cylindrical gears, sprockets and racks as well as many additional gear applications with Vargus gear milling tools.

V-TAPS: Advanced Tapping Solutions

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