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Thread Turning

Vardex Thread Turning Vardex has earned its reputation as the #1 indexable system worldwide.

Vargus, a pioneer in its field, developed the Vardex indexable laydown thread turning insert technology over 50 years ago. The Vargus patented designs continue to be the industry standard. With over 6000 different tools, Vargus offers the largest range of Thread Turning solutions to the machining specialist.
Some even call the Vardex Catalog "The Bible of Threading"!

Vardex - The Largest Thread Turning Tooling Program in the World
Vardex Thread Turning tooling program The Vardex Thread Turning tooling program includes a range of external and internal solutions:
Standard tools for medium and fine pitches
U-style inserts for threading large pitches
V-style inserts for extra-large pitches
Multi+ - mass production
V6 style inserts with 6 cutting corners
NEW! - VRX Multipurpose Thread Turning Grade - Redefining the Threading Benchmark!
The new VRX grade from Vardex is a multipurpose premium grade suitable for machining steel, hardened steel up to 55 HRc, stainless steel, high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals at low and high cutting speeds. The advanced technological processes involved in the creation of this grade ensure stronger wear resistance, a longer tool life and better productivity.
VRX - Breakthrough Threading Technology VRX Application Movie
Vardex - 26 Different Thread Standards!!!
Vargus offers the widest range of thread standards in the industry!!
NEW Multipurpose Thread Turning Grade
General Use
Stainless steel Non Ferrous, High Temperature Alloys and Titanium
Oil & Gas Industry - Steel
Vardex - A Carbide Grade for Machining Almost Any Material!

As #1 in thread turning, Vargus has a carbide grade to effectively thread almost any material. In addition to its general purpose grades, any threading insert can be coated in a specialty grade for the most demanding machining tasks. For example, Vargus' VM7 grade is the industry's best answer for machining stainless steel in high-production environments. Other specialty grades available include:

VRX - multipurpose premium grade suited to a wide range of materials and cutting conditions
VTX - an excellent choice for general purpose and steel
VTXP - a high performance polished grade for oil and gas applications
VKX - excellent in medium- and high-speed working environments
VBX - Carbide grade for high-volume steel production
VM7 - a unique performer when threading stainless steel
VK2 - uncoated grade for non-ferrous, cast iron and titanium-alloy materials

VK2P - highly polished for exceptional performance for high quality surface finish in aluminium.

Detailed information on the Vardex carbide grades is available in the NEW Vardex catalog, as well as from your local distributor.


 VARGUS GENius Threading Software!


The VARGUS GENuis™ software features upgraded versions of VARDEX's leading TT and TM GEN threading applications, helping you to quickly yet precisely determine the tools you need.  The software features a set of user friendly tools for optimizing workflow.


VARGUS GENuis™ is now available in 3 versions:


Online Version


Desktop (Downloadable) Version

Online interactive software
For the most popular web browsers
Most updated version always online

   Standalone software application
   MS Windows Operating System-based program 
   Automatic updates

To download or install Vargus GENuis™ Click here.













Setup. exe Version

Stand-alone software package for 
USB memory devices

MS Windows operating system-based program


Vargus Specials - Thinking out of the box...

Obviously, the standard range of products can't provide a solution to every threading challenge. When a non-standard cutting insert or toolholder is needed, Vargus engineers will provide you with the answer within hours, reasonably priced, and with the shortest possible delivery time. Vargus threading specialists use information accumulated in a database of thousands of tailor-made tools manufactured over the years to find the tool which is just right for any non-standard application or thread form.

Your local Vargus dealer will help you define the challenge, and provide a competitive quotation. For additional technical assistance, feel free to contact the Vardex product support desk anytime or click here.

Vardex Tailor made Thread Turning inserts

Advanced Threading Solutions