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Gear Milling

 Click on the link to download the catalog you need:


Gear Milling Catalog new products
For Gear, Spline & Rack Manufacturing

English Metric (2.3MB)

German (3.0MB)

French (3.0MB)
Italian (2.1MB)
Korean (3.2MB)
Polish (3.0MB)
Russian (3.4MB)
Japanese (2.2MB)
Chinese (2.3MB)

English Inch (2.19MB)



new products

VARDEX Spotlight  - NEW Products   new products

English (2.0MB)
English Inch (2.0MB)
German (1.8MB)
Chinese (2.0MB)
  icon_acrobat French (2.0MB)
Korean (2.19MB)
Italian (1.0MB)
Spanish (2.0MB)

Spanish (2.0MB)
Japanese (2.0MB)

 Previous Versions:
 icon_acrobat Russian (2.0MB)
 icon_acrobat  Polish (2.1MB)


Advanced Solutions for Gear Milling Applications

Gear Milling Brochure 
Solutions for Gear Milling Applications

English Metric (500KB)
English Inch (400KB)
German (500KB)
Japanese (820KB)  

new products

VARDEX Industrial Solutions

English (4.7MB)
English Inch (4.5MB)
German (4.6MB)
French (4.47MB)
Polish (4.5MB)
Chinese (4.64MB)
Korean (4.53MB)
Spanish (3.39MB)
Japanese (4.2MB)
Russian (3.0MB)



Advanced Threading Solutions