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Thread Turning

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VARDEX MAIN CATALOG                new products
Thread Turning & Thread Milling


Interactive PDF Catalog:

Interactive English Metric (40 MB)

Interactive German Metric (40 MB)

Regular PDF:
English Metric (66 MB) 

German (66 MB)

Italian (60MB) 




Previous Editions (2011)

English Inch  (23.5MB)
French (17MB)
Chinese (16MB)
Japanese (15.8MB)

Russian (15.0MB)


VARDEX Spotlight  - NEW Products   new products

English (2.0MB)
English Inch (2.0MB)
German (1.8MB)
Chinese (2.0MB)
Korean (2.19MB)
Italian (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat French (2.9MB)
Portuguese (0.91MB)
Japanese (2.0MB) 
 icon_acrobat Spanish (2.0MB)

 Previous Versions:
 icon_acrobat Russian (2.0MB)
 icon_acrobat Polish (2.1MB)



VARDEX F-Line new products

English Metric (2.71MB)
English inch (1.88MB)
German (2.56MB)
French (2.70MB)

Italian (1.88MB)
Polish (1.88MB)
Chinese (1.88MB)
Korean (1.88MB)
Japanese (1.88MB)

VARDEX Mega Line

English (1.88MB)
English Inch (1.88MB)
German (1.88MB)
Italian (1.88MB)

Chinese (1.88MB)
Polish (1.88MB)
French (1.88MB)
Korean (1.88MB)
Russian (2.0MB)
Japanese (2.0MB)



VARDEX Mini-3 IC 5.0

English (1.44MB)
English Inch (0.66MB)
German (1.44MB)
Chinese (1.44MB)
Polish (1.44MB)
Italian (1.44MB)
 icon_acrobat French (1.44MB)
Korean (2.19MB)
Japanese (2.16MB)


new products

VARDEX Industrial Solutions
English (4.7MB)
English Inch (4.5MB)
German (4.6MB)
French (4.47MB)
Polish (4.5MB)
Chinese (4.64MB)
Korean (4.53MB)
Spanish (3.39MB)
Japanese (4.2MB)
Russian (3.0MB)


Oil & Gas - Professional Threading Solutions Catalog 

English Metric (3 MB)
German Metric (3 MB)
English Inch (7 MB) 
Chinese Metric (3MB)

new version

14D - Oil & Gas Solutions Leaflet   

 icon_acrobat English Metric (2.1MB)
 icon_acrobat English Inch (2.0MB)
 icon_acrobat German (2.1MB) 
 icon_acrobat Russian (2.0MB)
 icon_acrobat Japanese (2.0MB)
 icon_acrobat French (2.0MB)
 icon_acrobat Chinese (2.3MB)
 icon_acrobat Spanish (2.15MB)
 icon_acrobat Polish (2MB) 

 new version

 RedLine Thick Thread Turning Inserts               

English Metric (1.8MB)
English Inch (3.4MB)
German (1.6MB)
 icon_acrobat Russian (1.1MB)
French (1.7MB)
Italian (1.1MB)

Spanish (1.0MB)
Polish (0.8MB)
Chinese (0.8MB)
Japanese (1MB)

V6 - The 6-corner Thread Turning Insert  

 V6 - The 6-corner Thread Turning Insert

English Metric (1.7MB)
icon_acrobat English Inch (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat Italian (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat German (1.2MB)
icon_acrobat Spanish (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat French (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat Chinese (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat Korean (1.7MB)
icon_acrobat Polish (1.0MB)
icon_acrobat Japanese (2.0MB)
icon_acrobat Russian (2.0MB)




     VARDEX V-CAP Toolholder Flyer

icon_acrobat English (1MB)
icon_acrobat French (1.45MB) 
icon_acrobat German (1.45MB)
icon_acrobat Italian (1.45MB)



Vardex Turning and milling cutting tools

VARDEX Thread Milling & Thread Turning Main Catalog

Previous Versions:

 icon_acrobat Spanish 050SP (10.5MB)

Advanced Threading Solutions